A viral challenge is rapidly sweeping over the country and celebrities aren't immune -- in fact, they're embracing it and a getting a little buffer in the process.

Over the last several days, participants have been completing 22 push ups to symbolize and raise awareness for the number of veterans who commit suicide every day. It's been dubbed the 22 Push-Up Challenge and it was launched by #22Kill.

One of the first celebrities to do the challenge was Chris Pratt, who also commissioned his wife Anna Faris to complete the 22 push ups with him. Since, it has spread like wildfire.

"Please know there are people out there thinking about you, praying for you and who appreciate your sacrifice. If you are thinking of harming yourself call 1-800-273-8255," he captioned the Instagram video of he and Anna showing off their strength.

Much like the 2014 Ice Bucket Challenge, participants are then challenging other people. In the "Jurassic World" star's case, he challenged John Krasinski, Scott Eastwood and Dwayne Johnson. Dwayne went on to call Chris "one of the greatest dudes around."

In his video of the push ups (which also included his dog Hobbs, the former wrestler said, "If you're a vet and you're going thru it, just know we're thinking about you and you're not alone. Be strong, have faith, keep fighting that good fight and there's always a better day."

He then went on to challenge Kevin Hart, NFLer JJ Watt and Olympic gold medalist Simone Manuel.

Hart actually did the challenge while on his honeymoon in St. Barths, which he left for after marrying Eniko Parrish over the weekend in California.

"Not only do I accept your challenge," the shirtless comedian said, "I'm going to do them magnificently."

Krasinski, too, got in on the action (after Pratt's call out.)

"For the all the men and women who serve, we can never adequately thank you, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't keep trying," he said before dropping down and doing 22.

Chris Evans, who was challenged by John, said he "didn't know this was happening at that rate" and said the issued needed to be addressed.

Scott Eastwood did his shirtless (you're welcome!) and challenged Ludacris.

Ludacris actually did his during a concert and challenged Snoop Dogg, comedian Lil Duval and retired NFL star Marshawn Lynch, "cause they need to do some push ups," Luda said.

And it's gone on and on and on.

#22Kill is reportedly hoping to reach 22 million documented push-ups in order to raise awareness for veteran suicide prevention.