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Break out the bubbly! Sean Penn was flying high and in full celebratory mode after meeting with El Chapo in October 2015.

The actor and his El Chapo liaison, soap opera star Kate Del Castillo, had a "raucous" flight home from Mexico, according to TMZ, where the two celebrated their secret meeting with the then-world's most notorious escapee.

"They were alone on the plane and broke out the booze, laughing and hugging in full celebration mode," TMZ reports.

The flight there, though, was the antithesis. The celebrity website said Sean and Kate were "somber and nervous" when they boarded the private plane. In fact, words were at a premium as they said virtually nothing during the flight to Guadalajara.

Although he cleared customs, Sean has not gone unscathed in the media or by the government.

Shortly after his piece on El Chapo ran on Rolling Stone's website, many veteran journalists panned the handling of the story, especially the magazine's admission that it gave full editorial control to the notorious drug lord.

Likewise, the Mexican government is displeased with the actor. ABC news said Sean is under investigation for the secret interview. Mexican officials are particularly interested in the location of the meeting.

Also, since Sean had apparently been in contact with El Chapo for several months, authorities are presumably interested to find out why the actor did not earlier share any information on the internationally wanted man.

The Associated Press said that Sean's interview actually helped lead officials to El Chapo's location, where he was arrested last week after a dramatic raid.