It's a sign that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber probably won't end up together… Literally, it was a sign, and the pop star made her feelings known about the issue.

During her May 8 concert in Fresno, Calif., the "Same Old Love" singer saw a fan near the front holding up a homemade sign that said, "Marry Justin Please," clearly referring to The Biebs, her off-and-on boyfriend for years.

Selena, though, wasn't having it, motioning to the fan to hand over the sign. When the fan did, an annoyed-looking Selena appeared to crumple the sign into a ball with both her hands and throw it onto the ground.


The brunette stunner, who hung out with Orlando Bloom a few days prior, didn't speak about the sign or make reference to it at all. She merely walked to the other side of the stage and began singing her next song.

According to several media outlets, the sign was retrieved by other show attendees, who began sharing it on social media.

Fans also tweeted out the video of the moment, which has gone viral.

Selena and Justin's love story has been all-too-documented.

"I'm so exhausted," she told W magazine in February. "I honestly am so done. I care about his health and well-being. But I can't do it anymore."

A month later, though, Justin posted a throwback snap of he and his former love kissing, to which he captioned the image "feels." Selena actually "liked" the post and eagle-eyed Jelena fans noticed that she commented on it, too, saying "perfect."

The photo got over 3 million likes on Instagram and there are over 800,000 comments.

In March, TMZ hinted that a reconciliation is pretty much always on the table.

At the time, it said the thing standing in their way is their schedules.

"Both Justin and Selena are about to go on tour for months, and realistically they can't be together," the celebrity website said. "They both have unresolved feelings toward each other, and although they're not hooked up now ... it could easily change, the way it has in the past."

… In Selena's eyes, their relationship has obviously crumpled.