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Ricky Schroder, the star of hit shows "NYPD Blue" and 80s hit "Silver Spoons," is getting divorced after nearly 24 years with his wife.

According to TMZ, Andrea Schroder filed divorce documents in Los Angeles, citing irreconcilable differences. In her filing, she's demanding spousal support.

Ricky and Andrea married in 1992, five years after the last episode aired of "Silver Spoons," which made Ricky a child star. They are only a few weeks shy of what would be their 24th anniversary.

The former couple has four children, but three of them are adults. One daughter, Faith, is a minor, and Andrea is already making staunch demands, requesting sole legal and physical custody, with her estranged husband only getting visitation.

Aside from his presence on television, Ricky also gained notoriety in 2013 for removing Faith from her Los Angeles middle school, saying he was concerned something in the school was causing a cancer outbreak. At the time, Ricky told TMZ that three teachers had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer in six months. He said several other teachers were experiencing severe migraines, while others, he said, had skin rashes and hair loss.

What went wrong between Ricky and Andrea isn't known, but she may have hinted that things between her and her husband weren't exactly on the up and up in July.

While in Paris with her daughters, she shared a simple picture of herself and spoke of a "new, less predictable future."

"Life is moving so fast and there are moments when I grieve the stages of life that I used to dream about that now have passed; like getting married, having a baby, building a home, first day of school or last day of college," she said. "These moments have all come and gone at lightening speed. So now I walk into a new, less predictable future that mid life brings, carrying faith, hope and love. 🙏💜👼 #schoolagain #paris @isipcaparis #alwaysgrowing."

Ricky last appeared on her Instagram feed in early February.