Katherine Webb gave birth to a bouncing baby boy just over a month ago, but you would never know it by looking at her.

And here's the crazy part: She hasn't even been working out to get her trim bikini body back.

The Sports Illustrated model and wife of NFLer AJ McCarron decided to share a photo of her progress on June 26 while trying on festive Fourth of July bikinis in a Target dressing room. (Stars, they're just like us, they shop at Target!)

Katherine, a former Miss Alabama, showcased her tight tummy and toned legs in the dressing room, attributing her slimmed down body to breastfeeding.

"Shopping for bikini season! Shameless selfieโ€ฆ but seeing progress just from breastfeeding. Pretty awesome how the body works! #1monthpostpartum," she captioned the snap in a red, white and blue bikini, with several more on the rack ready for her to try on.

She continued, "Note: I gained 44 pounds during my pregnancy, so this post isn't meant to be 'humble'. Say what you want, but I feel great about myself even with the extra cellulite on my butt and stretch marks so shoot me if I felt banging for once in this bikini..okkkkk."

A baby carriage can slightly be seen on a bench in the dressing room behind the new mom, who has starred in a Carl's Jr. commercial and in the reality show "Splash."

Katherine gave birth to her first son, Tripp, on May 24.

She didn't say how much weight she's lost to date, but she said she had lost 20 pounds just nine days after giving birth.

"Down 20, 24 more to go. Although, I am loving these extra curves," she captioned a selfie just less than two weeks after Tripp was born.

Although she hasn't needed it in her body bounce back yet, the model seems to have an eye toward the gym. In mid June she shared a selfie while posing in gym clothes with a stroller.

"Finally getting out with bubs. Haven't started back at the gym yet bc I feel guilty leaving him!," she said. "But at least gym clothes make me feel like I'm doing something :)."