Former "Jackass" star Steve-O ended up on the wrong end of a skateboard stunt gone wrong, which ended with him not only breaking his right ankle in three places, but also breaking his left heel.

According to his Twitter, Steve-O dislocated and broke his right ankle. TMZ is reporting that doctors put him in a temporary cast, and once the swelling goes down, he'll need surgery.

"I really did a number on myself today," he captioned an Instagram shot of him in the hospital. "Apologies in advance for the images of my foot sticking out sideways-- wish me luck in surgery!"

On Sunday, Steve-O was participating in a stunt with pro skating legend Danny Way in San Diego. Video -- shot by Tony Hawk and obtained by TMZ -- shows the daredevil standing atop a wooden port-a-potty on a skateboard. Danny drove the car underneath him, disintegrating the temporary wooden structure. Steve-O was supposed to jump off just before the car made impact, which he did, but came up muffing the landing, his ankle taking most of the impact.

On Monday, Steve-O shared a snap of that moment.

Tony Hawk also shared a photo of Steve-O and Danny in a pic that was taken before the accident on Sunday, but posted afterward.

"Just watched these two warriors risk it all for the sake of an NBD; it was inspiring & frightening," he captioned the photo. "Here's hoping @officiallysteveo's ankle wasn't as broken as it looked (check his snaps: steveotv). Also: @dannyway is a masterful driver."

Turns out, Steve-O's ankle was, indeed, as broken as it looked, maybe worse.

Steve-O is currently only using Tylenol and Advil for his pain, as he is a recovering addict.

"Two broken legs and no painkillers for me-- wish me luck!," he captioned a photo of his over-the-counter meds on Twitter.

Steve-O has long been a risk taker, as evidenced by the hundreds or stunts he did on the MTV show. In August 2015, one of his stunts landed him in jail after he climbed atop a Hollywood crane and set off fireworks in his one-man protest of SeaWorld. He was charged with five misdemeanors.