They haven't spoken in about three years, but Tamra Judge is still holding out hope that she can reconcile with her teenage daughter Sidney.

In an Instagram shared on Monday, the "Real Housewives of Orange County" star posted a black and white photo of crying girl. Words inset on the photo said, "Have you ever missed someone so much that even the thought of them made you burst into tears?"

In sharing the photo with her 1 million followers, Tamra said, "My heart hurts everyday and praying and keeping busy is all I can do to stop the tears. I'm balling my eyes out watching [Monday's 'Housewives.'] I miss my daughter so much I sometimes feel like I could die of a broken heart 💔. It's in God hands #iwillnevergiveuponyouSidney."

In 2015, Sid released a statement accusing her mom of "verbally and mentally" abusing her for years, but Tamra insisted that her daughter didn't write that. Part of the reason they have no relationship is because Sidney lives with her father, Simon Barney, and he and Tamra do not get along. They share custody over their other two kids, Spencer and Sophia.

In May, Tamra said she is taking part in a documentary called "Erasing Family," in which she called herself an "erased mom."

During a "RHOC" reunion show in October 2015, Tamra was emotional in speaking about her daughter.

"She basically left home that day and two years later has not come back," she said. "I went to court to get her help - and [Simon] fought me not to get her help. And he won. The judge said, ''She's 17, she can choose who she wants to live with'' -- and that's it."

Sidney seemed to be far less emotional about the situation.

"I try not to talk about personal family matters with my friends, but I was made aware that my mother was talking about me and discussing our personal family matters on the show again," she said after Tamra's comments on Facebook. "At this point I think it is necessary to tell the truth since she does not know how to tell the truth."

The teen called her mother's behavior "embarrassing" and said that all she wants is money and fame by continuing to discuss their fractured relationship.

"Clearly she hasn't followed through with anything that would have made me go back to her house. After telling her this for two years in [counseling], she still hasn't recognized that these problems are between her and I and continues to make this about my father and her."