Wedding crasher! Imagine the surprise on Max Singer and Kenya Smith's faces when Taylor Swift suddenly appeared at their wedding to perform on Saturday evening, June 4, 2016. Just a couple of regular folks tying the knot in New Jersey over the weekend became instant headlines.

The pop star decided to make the appearance after she received a letter from the groom's sister in April detailing his super-fan status, and the story of his mother's recent passing. The couple actually got hitched months ago, in Max's mom's hospital room, so that she wouldn't miss out on their nuptials.

Tay performed "Blank Space" in front of the newlyweds and their guests in Long Beach Township -- the same song Max danced to with his now-deceased mother during their private family ceremony. Take a look at this video footage from an onlooker, here.

She also took pics with the guests, and gave the lovebirds a flowery card with the lyrics of her song written on the front. "So it's gonna be forever," the personalized note read, via People.


But the "Shake it Off" singer, who split with Calvin Harris last week, isn't the only celeb who ever crashed a wedding and made a big splash. Here's seven more times stars made for one epic wedding surprise.

1. Adam Levine: To shoot a video for Maroon 5's single "Sugar" in December 2014, the frontman decided to film his band crashing a series of weddings in California. "We're going to drive across L.A. and hit every wedding we possibly can, and it's going to be awesome," he explained in the video. Adam then proceeded to document the surprise on a bunch of unsuspecting brides' faces when he started performing during their ceremonies.

2. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: In 2011, the then-couple made an impromptu visit to a couple's Malibu, California, nuptials. Justin was enticed to go inside the ceremony after he heard his song "One Less Lonely Girl" being played while walking along the beach. He grabbed the mic and said: "We heard a party so we decided to just come. So let's party!"

3. Macklemore: The rapper was visiting Washington D.C. with his mom in May 2016, when she actually heard a couple of newlyweds dancing to one of his songs, "Thrift Shop," from outside of their nuptials at a local hotel. And apparently, it was all her idea to crash the party. "When your mom tells you to crash the wedding," Mack later captioned a Snapchat of the occurrence.

4. Beyonce and Jay-Z: Oops! The power couple were just trying to be regular tourists on their trip to Portofino, Italy, in September 2014, when they walked into a church to look around. But to their surprise, and the surprise of newlyweds, they actually walked in on a wedding going on.

5. John Travolta: In 2014, the actor was at a a bar in a Georgia hotel when he met a couple set to wed the next day. After chatting with them, he showed up at their ceremony to surprise them. "I posed with them, they loved it, I was a hero in their eyes," he later said of the experience while on "The Late Show." And to think, he had just been in town for flight training classes.

6. Lady Gaga: In January 2012, Lady Gaga not only crashed a couple's ceremony, but then bought everyone a round of drinks. She was just passing through a hotel in Adelaide, Australia, when she spotted the nuptials going on, and the bride coaxed her inside. The "Bad Romance" singer also offered up some advice before leaving the party: ""Have good sex!'

7. Serena Williams: The tennis pro crashed a wedding while out relaxing in Miami Beach in June 2014. She was wearing a leopard-print, one-piece bathing suit while hanging out in the sand, when she couldn't help but make an appearance in one lucky couple's wedding photos.

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