Red, white and booming business! From the moment Taylor Swift and her squad donned striped America-themed swimsuits at her Rhode Island holiday bash, sales went through the roof!

Taylor is filling the blank spaces in retail shop's cash registers!

E-commerce site Lyst, said that searches for Taylor's perfectly patriotic swimsuit (and similar swimsuits worn by her friends) went up 365 percent the day after she posted multiple photos to Instagram wearing the swimwear.

Solid & Striped, the brand behind the line, is cashing in on the now-insanely popular line. Taylor and Gigi Hadid donned the one-piece Anne-Marie in Americana Stripe, which is already sold out of some sizes. Cara Delevingne went with a two-piece, rocking the Jane Top and Bottom.

Lyst said that the Solid & Striped brand had 43,000 views in the 24 hours following Taylor's epic holiday bash.

"We've long noticed that holiday-themed fashion has a big uptick in searches and sales typically two weeks prior to the holiday," a statement from Lyst said. "One thing we normally don't notice is sales continuing after the holiday. That's been an exception for the Solid & Striped suits worn by Hadid, Swift and Delevingne."

The brand expects sales to continue climbing for a few days, especially as more people see the candid Instagram snaps that the three have posted.


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"We're likely to see that number climb throughout the week β€” it only took [Swift] 35 minutes to get over 500,000 likes [on Instagram]," the statement continued.

So far, the picture of the three girls in their attire has racked up 1.6 million likes and has garnered nearly 10,000 comments on Taylor's Instagram page.

Summer bobsleigh

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Taylor simply captioned the image with an American flag emoji.

Cara posted similar images that have garnered over a million likes, as well.


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Taylor has donned the brand before, during a vacation with her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris. Beyonce also rocked the swimwear brand for a magazine shoot once, although neither of those times involved overtly patriotic clothing.

You know what they say: A picture is worth 43,000 searches.