With her husband in prison for three years on fraud charges, Teresa Giudice is having to essentially raise their four children -- Gia, 14, Gabriella, 11, Milania, 9, and Audrina, 6 -- on her own. She's not willing to even think about the notion that this could be a long-term thing.

The "Real Housewives Of New Jersey" star stormed out of a satellite interview with "Access Hollywood Live" after she was asked by co-host Dave Karger about reports that Joe Giudice could be deported upon his prison release because he's an Italian citizen.

"Next question please... you know what, I don't think that's something you should be asking," she fired back just as the satellite interview began.

Co-host Kit Hoover tried to calm things down, but also be realistic, saying, "Well everybody's talking about it and it could be a reality…"

Teresa, who was sitting next to sister-in-law Melissa Gorga, cut her off, saying, "Yeah, no, I'm sorry, I think that's really rude."

A clearly irritated Teresa sat there as Kit explained, "Okay, well it is a fact and we're probably going to see it on the show so I don't think that was a rude question."

"No you're not gonna see it on the show," Teresa interrupted.

The host then attempted to switch topics, asking about "Real Housewives of Orange County" star Heather Dubrow, who has been critical of Teresa's post-prison life, alleging that Teresa hasn't shown remorse. That was when Teresa had decided that she had had enough.

"As a matter of fact, I'm going to leave," she said, pulling her microphone off as she walked off camera.

Melissa followed her out, not even saying a word during the short contentious interview.

For the viewers, Kit contended that the deportation question was appropriate.

"First of all, let's just say this is a reality show, we're watching their whole life play out, it's in the news that this could be a fact. I think it's a totally fair question," she said. "It's a double edged sword: if you're going to put it all out there, then the questions [are justified]. All she had to say was 'I hope that never happens. My family is the most important thing.'"

Afterward, a Housewives-friendly blog alleged that Kit and Dave were "rude" and out of line. Teresa retweeted the story along with the shade-tastic comment "Kit Who?"

See the interview below: