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Teresa Giudice is more interested in namaste than incarceration these days.

According to the New York Post, The "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star, wants to become a yoga instructor, and she's enrolled in a $3,500 teacher-training course at Nirvana yoga studio in Montville, New Jersey.

During her 11-month prison stay in 2015, Teresa often practiced yoga while behind bars.

"She really loves it, really into it which is great," owner and instructor Elissa Lappostato told the newspaper's Page Six gossip section. "I'm definitely making a change in her."

The paper says that the reality star comes to the studio several times a week to meet the required 200 hours needed for certification. She's not on pace to get her 200 hours ahead of most of the other aspiring teachers, but there is a good reason for that.

"It takes about eight to nine months depending on the amount of days you go, but she's doing a little bit of a separate program because of her filming," Elissa said.

"She's finding her way and I think she's going to be a great teacher and I think her story is going to be great," Elissa continued. "I'm really happy she's making this step because this is the start of the change of her life. She's a mom and she's probably scared that she's got to support her kids. She wants to make a business. She wants to change people."

The studio is allowing RHONJ film crews to document Teresa's training, filming roughly three or four of her classes.

The yoga studio owner even has some aspirations for Teresa when she's ready to lead a group, saying she wants her to fulfill some of her hours by teaching in a jail.

That topic hits a little close to home for Teresa, as she was just released from prison in late December, having served 11 months for fraud. Her husband, Joe Giudice, just reported to prison on March 23 to begin a 41-month stay for similar fraud charges.

Since her release, Teresa has often shared images of herself in yoga poses. Last month she posted a photo of her meditating. Just a few days prior, she shared a post yoga photo while standing in front of a tranquil statue.

"At yoga today and really fell In love with this statue ..( so we decided to take a selfie)," she said, adding, "sometimes in life you go through things that help you view life at all different angles and you learn to have a different appreciation for what life brings and what life has to offer.

She continued, "It's never too late to work on yourself ️namaste everyone! I love yoga!!"