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Some of Teresa Giudice's former fellow prison inmates are crying foul over her book, specifically about her claims that lesbian sex ran rampant behind bars.

It's not that the women are denying the allegations, they're angry that Teresa is airing out the prison's dirty little secret.

"The last thing anyone likes is a snitch," a source told the New York Post. "They are very upset."

In the reality star's soon-to-be-released tell-all, "Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again," Teresa was quite candid about the dirty deeds that go down in the Danbury Federal Correctional Institution.

She called her prison cell the "Boom Boom Room" and said she often heard her cell mates engaging in sexual acts, although she didn't partake in any, uh, extracircular activities.

"I could see two women … writhing around … I cannot believe this is happening," she wrote, adding that many inmates go "gay for the stay" while being locked up.

"She's talking about her own roommate," the source said. "But it's not hard for people to know who her roommate was. It's going to come out. It's nonsense to say that."

The source continued, "Incarcerated women are pissed because they feel it will only add to the stereotypes. Why be a misogynist against women. You had the opportunity to write something and you're writing only about the vision board and the sex."

The Post says that TV host Nancy Grace has approached several of Teresa's fellow inmates to discuss the accuracy of the book.

For some, the parallels of Teresa's claims and the show "Orange Is the New Black" are a little too convenient to believe, especially because the show takes place at the Danbury prison.

"You get a tabloid writer, who has never met Teresa, who writes a book basically taking 'Orange Is the New Black' and takes it 10 steps further," the source said, referencing the book's writer, K.C. Baker.

It's likely that the prison warden will deny the lesbian sex claims once the book is released.