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Ben Higgins got engaged on “The Bachelor” finale to Lauren B. But before he proposed, Higgins first introduced Lauren B. and JoJo to his parents and went on one last date with each woman. Get “The Bachelor” finale recap here!

The final episode of this season’s “The Bachelor” began with Higgins confused because he previously told both women he was in love with them. To help him find clarity, Higgins introduced his parents, Amy and David, to Lauren B. and JoJo in Jamaica. After The Bachelor admitted to his folks that he was still in love with two women, his mom said it was “disturbing.”

Lauren B. met Higgins’ family first. She brought flowers and wine for their sit-down. His father noted during their talk that Higgins had a “twinkle in his eye” that he’s never seen before. Lauren B. assured his parents that she’s “very much in love with Ben.”

Higgins’ mother also spoke separately with Lauren B., and asked if she ready to deal with him during more difficult times. His mom mentioned that he’s his “worst critic,” can get “worked up,” and used to feel “unlovable.” But Lauren B. said she was ready to be there for him. After the mother and prospective daughterin-law get-t0gether, Lauren B. had a little alone time with Higgins. She told Higgins that meeting his parents was “the last thing that I really needed [to do], and I’m fully ready to get engaged.”

When JoJo met Higgins’ family, she told his parents right away that she was “nervous.” She went on to tell them that she wanted Higgins to be the “father of my children,” adding he’s “everything that I wanted” and “my best friend.” During a private talk with Higgins’ dad, JoJo assured him, “I love Ben very much, and there will never be a day that he won’t know that.” When she noted that The Bachelor makes her feel “safe,” Higgins’ dad told her that he said the same thing about her. JoJo also swore to his mom that if there were tough times, “We’re going to get through it together.” Before she and Higgins said goodbye, JoJo reiterated that she’s “fallen completely in love” with him.

After meeting both ladies, Higgins’ dad felt his son’s dilemma because he similarly thought both women “would be spot-on.” Higgins expressed that he believed he would’ve found more clarity after each woman met his parents, but told his folks he loves them “both the same.” His parents then listed both of Lauren B. and JoJo’s best attributes, and felt they were both “wonderful” and whomever he ultimately married would “be blessed.” He then said that he’s “confused” because “my heart and mind are in two different places,” and that he could see “both JoJo and Lauren being my wife.”

Higgins then went on his last date with Lauren. They took a boat trip, but she noticed he was distracted. The Bachelor explained that “when things get too good to be true, I get nervous.” He later went to her room, where they talked more about how stressful the whole experience has been. Lauren B. reassured him that she wanted to spend her life with him. And Higgins told Lauren B., “You’ve made me a better person, [and] stood beside me at all times.” And while he tried to put Lauren B. at ease, she was still concerned when he left her that it would be their last date.

For his last date with JoJo, they first went to a beautiful swimming hole and talked. She said even though they would be long distance at first, she would “make it work.” Higgins told her it was “so clear that I love you,” but that his “mind in a thousand different places.” Much like after Lauren B.’s final date, JoJo was less certain about her future with The Bachelor and “concerned” she missed some red flag.

During their get-together in her hotel room, JoJo voiced that she was freaked by how he was struggling earlier in the day. “I feel deeper for you than I’ve ever felt,” Higgins responded, adding that she’s also become his “best friend.” Off-camera, though, JoJo could be heard asking, “You love her, too?” and Higgins finally confessing that he does. They later tearfully kissed and said goodbye.

On proposal day, Higgins said he woke up as “conflicted” and as “confused” as he’s ever been. Higgins then met with famed jeweler Neil Lane to pick out a diamond engagement ring, but initially had a tough time because he hadn’t found the clarity he had hope for. “Looking down at the ring, I know who I’m going to propose to,” he then said in voice-over.

JoJo was first to the proposal area, and immediately professed her love for him. She told him, “I love you,” and admitted she struggled with the process, “but you are worth it.” He, however, said, “I came into this not knowing if I would find love,” but “I found it with someone else more.”

The Bachelor then met with Lauren B., and after telling her how much he loves her, he dropped down to one knee and proposed with the diamond engagement ring he had chosen. Of course, Lauren B. said, “Yes.”