Miss Mariah Carey -- soon to be Mrs. -- has a lot coming up in her life. She's getting hitched to billionaire James Packer, has an upcoming Las Vegas residency and a new docu-series on the horizon.

As we would expect, the preview clip for the "Butterfly" singer's new E! show "Mariah's World" was full of diva moments.

From the very beginning, we see her sitting at home on a lounge chair in a black corset and heels.

"Is this a normal outfit for people to wear? I don't know, but I'm at home and this is what I wear," she giggled during the opening scene.

Next, she's seen joking on the phone about the exotic animals she wants at her wedding, including "white tigers" and "albino elephants." But, isn't there usually some truth behind every joke?

The man on the other end of the line, possibly a wedding coordinator, quickly conceded to her demands.

"We're going to get Noah's Ark at your wedding," he said. "I promise."

The short video goes on to showcase Mariah doing prank calls, preparing for her tour and playing with her kids, Moroccan and Monroe, in a jungle gym.

"There is no typical day in Mimi's life," the icon explained.

But, at the end of the day, at least she can still make fun of herself and her rumored diva demands.

"I know they always make up stories saying that I want puppies and things delivered," she joked at the end of the clip. "It would be so cute to have puppies here."

So, who from Mariah's inner circle will be featured in her new reality venture?

Her ex-husband Nick Cannon and their twins are both still up in the air, according to the songstress.

During a TCA panel on Aug. 3, she explained that Nick came around during filming, but, "I don't what's going to make final cut!"

As for the kiddos?

"They can have their own show because that's how funny they are," she gushed via E! News. "It's not because their my kids. But I just have to figure out mutually with Nick how much we really want them in the show. They're an integral part of my life. It's the kids and it's the show. I think it should be sparingly used unfortunately, but they should have their own show. If I was an agent and discovered them, I'd be like these kids need to be on TV."

Check out the preview, here, full of over-the-top moments. And, catch "Mariah's World" on E! starting Sunday, Dec. 4.