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Secret, secrets! Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are basically open books with their lives, but even they need to keep a few things to themselves.

During an interview with E! News on Tuesday, the couple was asked about her birthday plans, as her big day just happens to be Oct. 26. The couple went mum.

"Those are private plans," she said, laughing.

The adorable Tom attempted to use pig Latin to divulge the plans.

"Ixnay on the ansplay," he said, adding, "Gotta maintain the temple sometimes. Nobody is allowed in the holy of holies if you know what I mean."

The couple has been traveling the world while Tom promotes his latest film "Inferno." While speaking to E!, the acting icon spoke of how much fun it was filming his latest movie in Italy.

"We have so much fun. Being on location is one of the greatest things. We've gone all over the world," Rita said. "We've taken our family. We've gotten to live in cities that you normally wouldn't get to live in and become a normal person and going to the market and finding your favorite coffee store and shop. Just pretending that you're a local and that's really great. You don't feel rushed."

Of course Tom said he didn't have quite the same experience as his family because he said he was working at 4:45 am every morning.

And even though the couple has been to Italy before, they don't have a favorite meal... They have a lot of them.

"Anything in Italy!" she said of he go-to spot. "It's just insanely delicious there."

Tom narrowed it down a bit.

"I was going to say prosciutto and melon with a little buffalo mozzarella," he said. "It's the perfect lunch."