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The story of Katt Williams' 2016 thus far goes something like an old 1960s song… He's fighting the law and the law is winning.

The song added another verse on Wednesday when Katt was arrested for battery after he allegedly threw a salt shaker at the manager of an Atlanta restaurant.

Katt was arrested for the incident and was later released.

For the comedian, legal issues have become no joke. His rap sheet includes a 2014 arrest for robbery when he and Suge Knight allegedly stole a camera from a female photographer. That same year he was sued by a former manager for assault and battery.

In 2012, he was arrested on a outstanding warrant for reckless driving, and just a few weeks later, Katt and Suge were detained and cited by police for a skirmish at a Subway. Around the same time, he was also arrested for child endangerment and a high speed chase.

But in the four months of this calendar year, trouble and mugshots are an all-too-common occurrence for Katt.

Let's take a look back at his 2016 incidents…

Feb. 28, 2016: A group of women claim they ran into Katt and his 15-person entourage in Atlanta in the early morning hours and asked for a photo. Katt was reportedly none to happy. The women allege that when Katt saw one of them recording him, he "lost it" and punched one of them. That's when an all-out brawl began. That's also when Katt allegedly pulled out a gun and pointed it at them.

Feb. 29, 2016: Katt was arrested in Atlanta for assaulting a clerk at a pool supply company. The funny man allegedly got into a verbal altercation with an employee, which eventually escalated. Katt reportedly threw something at the clerk and punched the employee. He later said the employee hurled racial slurs at him.

March 1, 2016: Katt is investigated for misdemeanor battery after punching man in Los Angeles. Katt acknowledged that the fracas took place but claimed it was self defense, saying he saw a car accident outside his hotel. He then went down to the scene to help the victims. While doing that, he says onlookers started making fun of his diminutive frame. He told them to "shut up" and then one of them apparently struck him. Katt struck back.

March 6, 2016: Katt is seen charging a man and punching him in the face at a show in Philadelphia. It's all on video! The clip shows that Katt was jumped by several other people, and in the commotion, it appears as if he's getting punched and kicked before it all gets broken up.

March 8, 2016: Police raid Katt's Georgia home as part of a previous investigation. You see, one of Katt's bodyguards says he was beat with a baseball bat and choked after refusing to "engage in criminal activity" at Katt's request. Katt was arrested after officers found several firearms and marijuana. He was booked into jail for aggravated assault, terroristic threats, and false imprisonment. Prosecutors said Katt shaved the bodyguard's beard to demean him. The drug and weapons charges were added, as well. It was also revealed that he is facing new charges from an outstanding warrant of entering auto, theft by taking, and simple battery.

March 22, 2016: Katt gets into a fight, again, but this time it's with a 17-year-old in Gainseville, Georgia. The details of what exactly went down aren't totally known, but Katt seems to have lost this battle. A viral video of the incident shows him in a chokehold, forcefully held down by a teen as the gathering crowd begs the boy to release Katt. Both Katt and the boy are charged with disorderly conduct. Authorities said the fight included foul language that was used in front of minors, which is a violation of Katt's bond that stems from an arrest for assaulting one of his bodyguards.

April 27, 2016: Reports indicate that Katt got into it with the manager of seafood restaurant after they had a disagreement over seating. Basically, Katt's crew seated themselves rather than waiting for a hostess. Katt allegedly threw a salt shaker at the man, striking him and bloodying his lip. Katt flees but is later arrested.