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Tyga is again in a familiar place -- people want money from him. The rapper is being sued over a red Ferrari that was repossessed twice while he leased it.

TMZ is reporting that Alex Benedict is asking for at least $150,000 from Kylie Jenner's boyfriend. In the lawsuit, Alex claims Tyga leased a Ferrari 488 from him earlier this year. But, he says, the rapper failed to make payments on the car twice, so he had the car repo'd.

The car was first repo'd on Aug. 31. Still, Alex let Tyga lease the car a second time after striking a deal. He was supposed to return it on Oct. 9, but failed to do so. On Nov. 8, Tyga got another visit from the repo man.

Last week, Tyga celebrated his 27th birthday at a nightclub in Los Angeles. Upon entering the club, he was served with a lawsuit. It's not entirely confirmed that he was served with Alex's lawsuit, but most suspect that it was.

For Tyga to owe money to someone is nothing new. In November he paid off a $200,000 debt he owed to a jeweler after a judgment was ruled against him. He owed Jason of Beverly Hills for a watch and chain purchased in 2013.

Jason had reportedly tried tracking down the rapper with little luck. However, in August 2015, Tyga coughed up a huge settlement to an old landlord, whom he owed $480,000. After that settlement, the jeweler went to court to try to get his money -- he even hired the same lawyers that the landlord used.

In February, a repo man was also on the hunt for Tyga. In addition to the $120,000 worth of tax liens he was facing, a repo company was trying to claim his pricey 2013 G-Wagon but had no luck actually retrieving it, as it reportedly parked behind Kylie's security gates. In April, he also reportedly owed $450,000 for a Lamborghini Aventador.