While many people evacuated Florida's coastline in anticipation of Hurricane Matthew's arrival, some people chose to stay behind and see what the fuss was all about. One of those people was Vanilla Ice, who even live-tweeted his experience.

The fact that he stayed behind wasn't news to his 280,000 Twitter followers, as he told them on Thursday that Matthew was "coming right at me," but said he was going to "ride out the storm."

He wasn't alone in staying in his home. In fact, many people threw "hurricane parties," choosing to drink their way through the storm.

A few hours before the storm began battering the state's east coast, Ice acknowledged the seriousness and eeriness of the storm. He tweeted, "Riders on the storm. I am right on the ocean in Palm Beach looking at evil darkness sky coming with the hurricane."

For five hours, Ice stayed silent on Twitter, but then starting giving a bit of a play by play from the front lines.

"It's starting to get nasty here in Palm Beach #HurricaneMatthew," he wrote as the outer bands of the storm began hammering the coastline.

For the most part, Palm Beach, where Ice was, was spared. Winds there reached 60 mph, according to local reports, a far cry from the 130 mph winds that Matthew was packing towards the eye of the storm. Still, it was scary.

"This is crazy- riding the storm here in Palm Beach #HurricaneMatthew," Ice tweeted. He followed that up with another, explaining the the damage. "#HurricaneMatthew is pounding Palm Beach right now," he said. "Flooding and debris flying everywhere."

After the storm had passed, though, Ice seemed thrilled with the fact that he was alive, but also with the way his beach community escaped without overly horrific damage.

In the morning, as the sun came up to reveal what was left in Matthew's wake, Ice said, "It looks like a mess with debris and some flooding here but overall Palm Beach handled it very well. #HurricaneMatthew."