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Ron Lester, who played the jovial lineman Billy Bob in "Varsity Blues," is in critical condition in a Dallas hospital, according to a report.

TMZ broke the news, and it does not look good for the 45-year-old actor.

The celebrity website said Ron has actually been hospitalized for four months, but it had gone under the radar. Since then, his health has steadily declined.

Ron has famously battled with his weight for years. He reportedly weighed over 500 pounds at his heaviest before losing nearly 350 pounds in 2001 after having gastric bypass surgery.

It's not known if complications with his weight are what landed him the hospital this time. Last November he was admitted into the hospital with liver issues. TMZ claims there was also a problem with his kidneys at that time.

In January, the actor who also starred in "Not Another Teen Movie" and "CSI: NY" revealed that he was having issues with his heart.

In speaking to in 2007, Ron shared was life was like weighing a quarter of a ton.

"Typically I would start the day with 3 big bowls of cereal. That - looking back - would have been at least 5 glasses of whole milk. Maybe some toast and butter, about 4 slices," he said, adding that lunch would consist of "two Big Macs, super-size fries, super size Coke, and a fish sandwich."

After the gastric surgery, she said he didn't really exercise immediately after.

"By the time I was able to move around better (less weight on my bones) I was having another surgery," he said. "And it stayed like that for almost seven years. Remember, I went and had 17 plastic surgeries. Each time meant healing."

However, with the body transformation came a decline in work. Ron said he lost roles because he was no longer an obese actor.

Asked if he had any regrets about the surgery, he said, "I don't miss the days and moments that got me 'to being fat.' I am glad I lived through them though. They made me a stronger man than most when it comes to dealing with people and feelings.

"I think the only thing I kinda miss is the fact that I was so loved by my fans, and the second: well you saw me; I was like a walking billboard. I was famous and you knew who I was right away."