We're still a year away from the release of "Fast 8." But lucky for us super fans, the cast has been giving us a few behind-the-scenes glimpses of what's in store for the next installment in the franchise.

Let's get started with Vin Diesel, who posted this amazing video from Cuba where the cast is meeting up to begin filming.

"The channeling of Dom begins here in Cuba. Gracias por todo mi Gente!" Vin Diesel posted on April 27, 2016.

Vin wasn't the only guy thrilled to be in Cuba. The film's director F. Gary Gray is also getting in on the action. Check out this awesome Twitter video below.

For the past few weeks, Tyrese has been building up the anticipation of filming by posting a lot -- seriously, it's a lot -- of photos with the cast from rehearsals.

"First day of rehearsal ATL with our new director @fgarygray I've been knowing him for many years and have never seen him more focused - were going BIG it's actually much bigger than we all expected so he had to break the news to us today...... Yeah.... I ran back to the hotel overwhelmed I'm going to go back to sleep....... #Fast8 will be legendary in F Gary's hands!!!! #FastFamily here we goooooo!!!!!!!!!!! (FYI I for sure was eating some greasy chicken then they asked me to take a picture )..." Tyrese posted in mid-April 2016.

Seriously, though, from the looks of things on his Instagram, Tyrese is the happiest person on the planet now that "Fast 8" is filming.

Fast8 is already going off!!!!!!!!!!

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"Fast8 is already going off!!!!!!!!!!" Tyrese followed up as he posed for a selfie with co-star Jason Statham.

And it looks like Scott Eastwood has been brought right into the fold of the "Fast" family.

"Little behind the scenes.... cant show you too much. But what i can say is @tyrese and @ludacris and @fgarygray couldnt been more welcoming. Really good dudes. Had a great first day. Lots of laughs," Scott posted on Instagram in April 2016.

2nd day at the office damn I'm handsome...... Ahahahahaa!!!! #Fast8

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"2nd day at the office damn I'm handsome...... Ahahahahaa!!!! #Fast8" Tyrese posted this similar pic on Instagram the same day.

Tyrese is also really amped about welcoming Charlize Theron into the "Fast" family.

"The best hugs........ Family business comes with family secrets I've had to keep my lips sealed about Charlize..... Of all things were excited about more #GIRLPOWER!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to the #FastFamily you're most welcome here!!!" he posted in April 2016.

Since that's all we've got -- for now! -- let's take a look back at some of our favorite "Fast and Furious" moments from the past.

Is it April 14, 2017 yet?

Stewart Cook / REX / Shutterstock / Rex USA 1 / 15
Stewart Cook / REX / Shutterstock / Rex USA 1 / 15