Now watch her "whip," watch her "nae, nae."

UCLA gymnast Sophina DeJesus made sure her routine was anything but typical on Feb. 6, 2016, by adding hip-hop moves which included a whip, nae nae and a dab.

After a tumbling pass, she broke out the moves and made everyone want to dance along with her.

The must-watch routine was her first of the season, and she scored a 9.925 which helped No. 5 UCLA defeat No. 7 Utah, 197.100-197.075.

Sophina's routine went viral with her added spin, and it showed off her complex flips and splits. Many are calling her a future Olympian, and she has been retweeting the positive feedback.

One woman wrote her, "Your floor routine made me smile on a very down day ... Thank you!!"

But this isn't the first time Sophina has had some spotlight on her for her dancing. She was on a show called "Hip Hop Harry" that aired on TLC and Discovery Kids from 2006 to 2008. As part of the hip-hop dance crew, she was doing some backflips back then too. In the show's bio, she was listed as an "aspiring gymnast."

Now, she's making days everywhere and fulfilling her dreams by performing fierce, floor freestyle.