Oftentimes, real life is much stranger than fiction.


In the wake of news that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are calling it quits, TMZ is reporting that based on a records search, as well as sources, the pair may never have been legally married.

Jen and Justin's alleged wedding took place at their Bel-Air mansion in Los Angeles back in August 2015, but TMZ checked marriage records in Los Angeles County, going back as far as 2010, and they are unable to find any record of a marriage license for the pair. There is such a thing as a confidential marriage license, but TMZ sources say that the couple did not get one in L.A. County.

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Maybe they got a marriage license in one of the other 57 counties in the Golden State? Well, according to TMZ's Aniston insiders, who have been in contact with the "Friends" star for years, there has been chatter for a while now that the two were never legally married.

TMZ has even contacted multiple divorce attorneys in their arsenal and not a one, as far as they can determine, has been contacted by either Jen or Justin.

Conclusion: It's absolutely possible the two are legally married, although with what TMZ has discovered, it's also possible that they are not.