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Teresa Giudice is not one to hold her tongue and she is willing to use almost every word in the English language, curse word or otherwise... Like we said, almost any word.

She refuses to use the "c-word." No, not THAT word, but rather the word "criminal." In fact, Teresa calls it "the c-word."

Jacqueline Laurita called Teresa the "c-word" on Sunday's "The Real Housewives of New Jersey."

"I just don't like—I don't consider myself that…I don't even want to say that word," she told Andy Cohen on "Watch What Happens Live."

By definition, Teresa is exactly what she won't say. Around Christmas last year, the reality TV star was released from prison, having served 11 months for fraud. She plead guilty to federal fraud charges. Her husband, Joe Giudice, reported to prison on March 23 to begin a 41-month stay for similar fraud charges.

Joe is actually keeping tabs on his wife in prison via the TV, she said.

"He never watched it at home and now he's watching it there," she told Andy.

One word that Teresa will often use is the "f-word"... "Fitness."

While in prison, Teresa discovered her love of yoga and is training to become a yoga instructor. On Sunday, she said she is finishing up her yoga instructor certification after taking the summer off from classes.

"That's something I would buy," fellow "Watch What Happens Live" guest Mindy Kaling said.

In March it was revealed that Teresa was enrolled in a $3,500 teacher-training course at Nirvana yoga studio in Montville, New Jersey.

"She really loves it, really into it which is great," owner and instructor Elissa Lappostato told Page Six at the time. "I'm definitely making a change in her."

"She's finding her way and I think she's going to be a great teacher and I think her story is going to be great," Elissa continued. "I'm really happy she's making this step because this is the start of the change of her life. She's a mom and she's probably scared that she's got to support her kids. She wants to make a business. She wants to change people."