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President Obama has long boasted that he is a staunch defender of women's issues and he's a proponent for equality in the health care system, but something seems to have slipped through the cracks… and it was a YouTube star who told him.

During an interview with the Commander-in-Chief, Ingrid Nilsen, one of several YouTuber's to chat with Obama, asked why there was a "luxury tax" on sanitary pads and tampons in many states.

The president was totally caught off guard by the question, saying he had "no idea" why states would tax such a thing, and he confessed that he had never heard of that before.

"Recently I was shocked to learn that pads, tampons and other menstrual products are taxed as luxury goods in 40 states," Ingrid, who often speaks about women's issues, told the most powerful man in the world. "I don't think there is anyone who has a period that thinks it's a luxury."

"I think that's fair to say, Michelle would agree with you on that," Obama replied.

He continued, "I have to tell you, I have no idea why states would tax these as luxury items I have no idea why states would tax these as luxury items. I suspect it's because men were making the laws when those taxes were passed."

A good sport, the president said he was happy to learn this news but told Ingrid that there really isn't much he can about that as those issues don't fall under federal law.

"I think it's pretty sensible for women in those states that you just mentioned to work to get those taxes removed," he said. "Those aren't federal taxes that are imposed, those are state taxes, state law, so it would be governors and state legislators who would have to reverse those."

As expected, he then took a moment to laud the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, saying it is beneficial to women.

"The basic idea is women should not be at a disadvantage in the healthcare system," he said. "I must confess I was not aware of until you brought it to my attention."

It wasn't all serious, though.

YouTube watchers were encouraged to submit questions. Toward the end of the interview, the president was asked what he keeps on him at all times. Interestingly enough, he's rarely without trinkets. The items, he said, "remind me of all the people I've met along the way and the stories they've shared with me."

The remnants of his pocket included rosary beads given to him by Pope Francis, a Buddhist monk statuette, given to him by a monk, a cross and a metal poker chip given to him by a biker.

"I'm not superstitious," he said, "but it does remind me of all the different people align the way." He also said the items, which rotate in and out of his pockets often, help him know that he can overcome adversity and help him get back to work.

After the interview was over, the president and the YouTube stars appropriately took a selfie. It's hard to imagine Barbara Walters doing that.