Think back to 2003 and a little movie named "School of Rock." Now, remember the insanely gifted sweater vest-wearing guitarist Zack? Well, it turns out that fiction became reality.

Joey Gaydos Jr., who played little Zack, who also became known by his alter ego, Zack-Attack, is actually a legitimate rocker these days and plays in the band Stereo Jane.

You can still see the similarities between him and his younger self.

Enjoying the great outdoors

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Joey wasn't bitten by the acting bug following the role that awarded him with heavy screen time alongside Jack Black, but the role seems to have influenced his life.

Now 24 years old, he is reportedly living in Detroit and could be on his way to stardom because of his skills (again).

Last year Stereo Jane was signed to a major label.

In "School of Rock," an out of work rocker, Dewey Finn, played by Black, faked his way into a substitute teaching job. He then formed a rock band with the young students, calling the group School of Rock. Zack was the lead guitarist.

Although Joey didn't get into acting, he doesn't seem to be running from his on-screen past. On his Instagram page last year, he posted a photo from the opening night of the Broadway musical based off the movie.

Ahhh yeah ✔️

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"Ahhh yeah," he captioned the snap.

He's also shared videos of him shredding on the guitar from a "School of Rock" reunion.

flashback friday pt.2

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In May, he ran into his movie co-star Rebecca Brown, who played Katie.

Zack and Katie 2k16

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"Zack and Katie 2k16," he captioned the image.

Since 2003, Joey has even stumbled across one certified rock god who payed him the ultimate compliment and her name is Stevie Nicks.

In an Instagram photo with her, Joey said, "MISS Stevie Nicks couldn't have been a cooler guiding light or nicer person. She took the time to give me her rundown in the music business, blew my mind and gave me one of the biggest compliments I've ever been given, told me I have artistry pouring out of me and said we are now connected & 'sharing spirits'. Ahhhh 😍."

Keep shredding, Joey. It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll.