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Zayn Malik may have just landed a major role in Hollywood... behind the camera.

The Sun is reporting that Zayn will be venturing into the world of television, with a role as executive producer on an upcoming series. The premise? Something Zayn has quite a bit of expertise in... boy bands.

Zayn will reportedly be working behind-the-scenes on a series about a successful boy band, much like his former group One Direction.

"It's a subject he knows lots about and he will call upon his experiences to advise the scriptwriters on the show," a source told The Sun.

The show will follow the rise of the fictional group as they land a record label and subsequently become a massive success.

There are reports that if the show does well, the boy band could actually exist and launch off of the success of the series as well. Since Zayn knows a lot about being in a boy band that was created on television (One Direction was assembled on the UK's version of "X Factor"), the creators of the show have enlisted the perfect person.

The move may seem surprising, but not for those who know Zayn's background.

He recently told Elle UK, "I started acting when I was in school with theatre studies and then music came after."

Though he'd be positioned behind the camera for this particular project, Zayn isn't ruling out eventually moving in front of it.

"It completely stopped when I joined the band but I'd definitely be interested if I was given the right role," Zayn told Elle UK about a return to acting.

For now, The Sun's report about Zayn moving in the direction of producing seem like a good first step.

"This is a big deal for Zayn. He has been keen to get stuck into different projects outside of music and this is the perfect move," The Sun's source claims.

The show will reportedly be helmed by the producers of "Entourage," who are hoping to recreate the magic of that highly successful entertainment industry based series.

The Sun reports that casting for the show will start in Los Angeles next month, and that Zayn will have an active hand in the casting process.

We have a pretty good suggestion for Zayn if he's looking for another person perfectly suited for the material who also just ventured into the acting world -- Harry Styles.