"Hello" from the dance side!

"The Amazing Race" season 28's dance pro Matt Steffanina came into Wonderwall.com's studio and explained his viral dance with one of the most watched dancers on YouTube, D-Trix.

In what seemed like a dance combination that was just too good, the two guys joined efforts for a choreographed routine to Adele's "Hello."

The song is a slow ballad about a broken relationship, but when Matt and D-Trix dance to it, the words almost conjure a happy tone.

Matt spoke about how the idea was his and how he had wanted to do a remix to the slow, sad song.

"Sometimes when it's a slower song, and it doesn't quite fit with my style, I'll find a remix that's faster," he said.

For the duo, it was all about the concept behind the song.

Matt explained, "That song is so iconic, and we had kind of a funny concept already with two guys dancing to 'Hello' by Adele and us sort of making fun of the whole situation but then hopefully at the same time doing a dance piece that was impressive and had some tricks and some different things mixed in."

With over 2 million views on YouTube, their impressive moves made this video a hit!

Currently, Matt can be seen running around the world as a competitor on "The Amazing Race" season 28 with his fiancee Dana Alexa. The show airs Fridays on CBS at 8 P.M.

As for D-Trix, he's up for a Shorty Award for his dance skills on April 11, 2016.