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Count your lucky stars A-Rod - and Madonna - devotees. Not only is the controversial athlete the gorgeous cover boy for April's DETAILS Magazine, on-sale March 24th, the Yankees superstar opens up about a variety of topics, including you-know-who. (He also smooches his mirrored reflection in the photo shoot, which surely adds fuel to the fire of many female and/or gay male fans' fantasies.)

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Oddly, at a time when Rodriguez is under intense media scrutiny for past steroid use, he seems most preoccupied by questions about the Material Girl. For instance, when asked to name his favorite song by the pop star, he later changes his mind and asks the reporter not to include it.

"The last thing I want to do is go to every stadium and have them play that song," says Rodriguez. We suppose that makes sense, especially if it's "This Used to Be My Playground" from Madge's old-timey baseball flick "A League of Their Own." That would just be plain embarassing.

Regardless, the baller does go into other aspects of his relationship with the pop singer.

"We're friends... I have a lot of respect for her," explains Rodriguez. "She's very smart and she's passionate about everything she does. If there ever was any situation, she's a great ear to have, you know?"

We know... OK, not really.

For more details on A-Rod's DETAILS interview, check out these choice quotes.

On privacy:

"We live in a world right now where everyone's keeping score. And it doesn't stop when the games end... They've crossed over. And you have the Internet stuff, and all these phones... It's very intense."

On boyhood aspirations:

"I was convinced I was going to play in the NBA. And my mother gives me an NBA roster and a highlighter and says, 'Line out all the Dominican players you find there.' I looked for 15 minutes and couldn't find one. Then she pulls out a Major League Baseball roster - over 100 Latin players. 'Okay, Mom.' Two weeks later, I was back at baseball."

On his hometown:

"New York is one of a kind. It's made me ask all the tough questions. It's brought out the best in me. There are some things I have to work on. And that part is fun. Revealing the truth about yourself is always good."

Hmmm. Does that mean "Express Yourself" is his favorite Madonna song? The world may never know.

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Photo credit: Steven Klein for DETAILS