Matt Dunham / Invision/AP 1 / 18
Matt Dunham / Invision/AP 1 / 18

Amy Winehouse's grieving father stunned fans who were holding a vigil at her London home on Thursday by handing out her clothes.

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The "Rehab" hitmaker's devotees have descended on her apartment in the Camden section of London since news of her death broke on Saturday.

Mitch Winehouse turned up at the property on Monday to thank fans for their support and for leaving mounds of floral tributes outside the house where the star passed away.

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And her devastated dad returned to the property three days later, along with Amy's mom, Janis, and boyfriend Reg Traviss, to remove items owned by the late singer -- before handing out some of her possessions to the crowd.

He gave out several vests worn by Winehouse, as well as sunglasses and trinkets, all while carrying a pair of his tragic daughter's favorite ballet pumps in his back pocket.

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He told the thrilled fans, "It's what she'd have wanted."

The family took home several more personal possessions, including her guitars and lyric books.