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Anne Hathaway defied genre last year by starring in a gritty dramatic film, "Rachel Getting Married." She's also set to play Judy Garland in an upcoming biopic. But first, she'll have her much-anticipated, well-deserved breakthrough: cartoons.

Life & Style Weekly reports that Anne Hathaway will appear in an upcoming episode of "Family Guy." The actress was seen going to Fox Studios to tape the show.

"Anne is a longtime fan of the show," an insider tells Life & Style. "She hadn't considered guest-starring until series creator Seth MacFarlane approached her. He pitched Anne an episode idea that completely cracked her up. She didn't even have to think it over -- she wanted in!"

Pretty impressive, Seth. Only problem is, Matt Groening beat you to the punch. Anne taped an episode of "The Simpsons" earlier this year. Maybe they can work out a crossover special where Stewie "the talking baby" and Bart Simpson duel for Anne's affections.