@beyonce / Instagram 1 / 12
@beyonce / Instagram 1 / 12

This is everything! Beyonce went all dental on her 28.9 million followers, posting an adorable video of her and 3-year-old daughter Blue Ivy flossing their teeth together.

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In the video, Bey and Blue use green floss picks and don oversized sunglasses as a voice — that sounds just like Jay Z — repeatedly sings, "flossin', flossing.'" Music blogs have speculated that the song is actually a teaser to a new Jay Z song.

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Beyonce captioned the video with four emojis but no words. Blue Ivy, though, does her talking with her left hand, as she holds up a peace sign.

Truthfully we're not sure if Beyonce is making a statement about dental hygiene or if she just thinks the sideways video is funny.

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Floss like a boss, girls!