Breaking Amish's Rebecca Byler is one protective mama bear!

Recently revealing the bombshell news that she has an infant daughter, Byler went radio silent when asked to divulge additional details about her little girl -- refusing to identify 19-month-old's father on part two of TLC's reunion show Breaking Amish: The Shunning Truth.

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However, as Byler explained to reunion host Michelle Beadle, it's not just a personal choice to withhold information. "That is my daughter, but she is not on the show. She is part of my private life, therefore I cannot talk about her," Byler said when Beadle showed a photo of Byler, her daughter and her husband Abe Schmucker taken before Breaking Amish filming began. (Fans have long speculated that Schmucker is the child's father, a claim he also refuses to address.)

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"There's legal issues involved, so I don't have the privilege of talking about it. I'm sorry that I'm a mom and trying to protecting my kid. I don't give a s--t what anybody thinks. I don't have to answer to anybody," she continued. (Byler allegedly filed to divorce North Dakota's Rufus Hostetler in July 2012.)

Byler's new husband Schmucker -- whom she wed in a traditional Amish ceremony in their Pennsylvania hometown on the show's finale -- begged Breaking Amish viewers to leave their family alone and stop asking questions about the child.

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"That's what upsets me -- like Rebecca said, that's her daughter. People are talking about [the baby and] people that had nothing to do with the show," Schmucker fumed. "Involving family that does not need to be involved -- that are going to have their lives ruined for what we're doing. That aggravates me."

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