Wade Payne / Invision/AP 1 / 12
Wade Payne / Invision/AP 1 / 12

Singer Carrie Underwood's hockey player husband Mike Fisher was left with two red bite marks on his hand after he was bitten by a chipmunk.

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Animal lover Underwood begged her husband to rescue the critter when it managed to sneak into their home, and she filmed him as he cornered the chipmunk in the bathroom.

In a Vine video posted on Saturday, Underwood explains to viewers that "a squirrel got into our house" before Fisher attempted to correct the situation. She is also heard pleading, "Don't hurt it!"

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But it was the Nashville Predators player who ended up getting hurt after the chipmunk sank its sharp teeth into his hand.

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In a second clip, Fisher holds up his hand to show the bite marks and quips, "Newfound respect for the mighty chipmunk."

Underwood later tweeted, "The chipmunk is back outside where it belongs! Chipmunk -1, Mike Fisher's hand -0."