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Many stars and their loved ones have been afflicted with some form of cancer. EIF's Women's Cancer Research Fund hosted "An Unforgettable Evening" on Wednesday to draw focus on early detection and research.

Christina Applegate, who publicly survived breast cancer, was presented with the Nat King Cole Award. She used her diagnosis to inspire other women in similar battles. She told ET, "That's the reason that this happened to me, so that I can be outspoken and forthright about everything…I feel like I have a responsibility to all the women out there, to not let them live in fear...Fear perpetuates disease."

Former "Dancing with the Stars" pro dancer Julianne Hough said it was "gracious" for Christina to openly discuss her cancer and allow fans to follow her journey to recovery.

Courage Award recipients Faith Hill and Tim McGraw discussed with ET what the night meant to them. Tim explained that both of his parents had cancer and he has become quite a ladies man, in a wholesome sort of way, saying, "I grew up with my mom and two sisters and now I have a house full of women, my wife and my three daughters, so anything that advances the research for cancer and advances the chances of finding cures, I'm all for."

Olivia Wilde has made charity a way of life. The philanthropic star has been involved in a Haiti charity since before the earthquake and donated her time to man the phones at last Friday's "Hope for Haiti Now" telethon. She has come to the revelation: "Sometimes Hollywood feels like high school and this was one of those experiences where I was like, 'Oh my God, I somehow got invited to the senior party and it's like way better than you could ever imagine.' And they're doing it for a cause that I care so much about."

Honorary Chairs Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks also turned out, along with Lori Loughlin, Kirk Douglas, and many more. Taylor Swift performed acoustically and told ET all about her film "Valentine's Day," gushing that working with Taylor Lautner was "a really, really wonderful experience."

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