Judy Eddy / WENN 1 / 7
Judy Eddy / WENN 1 / 7

Conan O'Brien drove a popcorn and explosive-filled car off a Southwestern cliff in a new promo for "Conan," his upcoming TBS talk show.

"Instead of doing yet another promo for my new show," the comedian explained, "…I'm gonna give you guys what you really want: top-notch entertainment. I went out and I bought this 1969 Dodge Dart. I'm gonna get in it and I'm gonna drive right off that cliff into Devil's Drop Canyon, a 900 foot sheer fall."

Conan then punched out a stunt double in the driver's seat and took the wheel of the blue sedan - doused in gasoline and filled with unpopped popcorn, fireworks, and explosives - before driving it off the edge, where it plummeted hundreds of feet to the ground before exploding in a volley of fireworks and popcorn.

The comedian emerged unscathed from the wreckage, announcing, "That was expensive."

"Conan" premieres November 8 on TBS.

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