Schultz-Coulon / WENN
Schultz-Coulon / WENN

RAPID CITY, S.D. (AP) -- The South Dakota Supreme Court will hear a case involving Hollywood actor Kevin Costner and some bronze sculptures of bison and American Indians.

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Justices will review a judge's decision that Costner did not breach a contract with artist Peggy Detmers by placing the sculptures at his Tatanka attraction near Deadwood in 2006. Detmers challenged the ruling, and the Rapid City Journal reports that oral arguments are set for March 19 in Vermillion.

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Costner filmed much of his Academy Award-winning movie "Dances With Wolves" in South Dakota. He commissioned the sculptures in the early 1990s for a resort in South Dakota's Black Hills that still has not been built.

Costner paid Detmers $300,000. Detmers says she gave him a price break because she anticipated selling smaller sculptures at the resort.

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