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Madonna may be "just a friend" to Jesus Luz, but she's a really good friend. At least according to the London Sun, which says the Big M has tapped DJ Enferno, a spinner from her Sticky & Sweet tour, to teach the Brazilian model how to fulfill his turntable dreams (and perhaps give him a skill to fall back on should the boy-toy thing not work out). What's more, adds the tab, she's coughed up $50,000 on equipment for Luz, who recently did DJ duty at a birthday bash for the fiancé of designer Marc Jacobs, a longtime Madonna pal. "She spares no expense with Jesus -- he's really spoiled," opines a mole, adding, "She hopes he'll get into old-school hip-hop, but he's into techno." Still, having a benefactor may come with a price. The paper claims Madonna also gives Jesus advice on how to dress and corrects his grammar.

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In other romance rumblings . . . At this point, we can safely assume that Drew Barrymore is just messing with us. Last Friday, the amiable actress supposedly enjoyed an "intimate dinner" with "Entourage" star Adrian Grenier. But on Tuesday, she was back in the company of Justin Long as they took a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth. reports the light bulb squeezes (read: on-again, off-again), whose PDA-crammed coupling fizzled last summer but appeared to reignite a few months back, made their way through Disneyland with fingers entwined. "They were really excited and acting like kids," says a spy, "holding hands and acting all lovey-dovey." Turns out they weren't just acting like kids -- they were dressed like kids. The pair, who have repeatedly insisted they're now just pals (despite that hickey the actor was sporting last month), were decked out in pirate costumes, with Drew getting deep into character with a drawn-on moustache. As for that dinner with Adrian, seems he was just interviewing Barrymore for a documentary he's working on.

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Meanwhile, Miranda Kerr is tap-dancing around reports that boyfriend Orlando Bloom recently slipped a sparkler on her telltale finger. "No, no engagement ring," the Aussie model-cum-koala advocate pooh-poohed to the Daily Telegraph as she showed off a rock-free digit during a promotional appearance at a Sydney department store on Wednesday. "You can't always believe what you read."

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That's probably what Vanessa Minnillo tried to explain to Nick Lachey following her recent interview with Robin Leach, in which she dropped wedding anvils left and right. At one point, she even gestured to a five-carat diamond ring decorating her middle finger and predicted, "It will be 10 carats when it moves to the fourth finger!" Not that she's thought about it or anything.

As for the first Mrs. Lachey, Jessica Simpson, she remains touchy-feely with her quarterback beau, Tony Romo. People magazine spotted the twosome at a friend's birthday party in Dallas looking "very loving with each other -- very affectionate."

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And finally, has Evan Rachel Wood moved on -- and upgraded -- following her split with Marilyn Manson? The New York Post caught the snow-white starlet snuggling up with actor Shane West during a night out at Las Vegas hot spot Tao on Saturday. "They were both there in a big group of 20 people," relays an onlooker. "At around 3 a.m., Shane and Evan Rachel were all over each other and making out in the middle of the table."