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Bill Davila / Retna Ltd. 1 / 7

By Melissa Hunter

Like a volatile moth to a crazypants flame, Courtney Love can't rid her life of ridiculous antics. The NY Post reports that Love went ballistic on a partygoer at the Standard Hotel when he accidentally walked in on her in the bathroom.

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The victim, pharmacist Sebastian Karnaby, recounts the story to Page Six, explaining, "I couldn't find my way out and asked someone to show me the door." He picked Door Number Wrong when he opened it up to find, "Courtney Love, sitting on the toilet, with her skirt around her ankles."

As if that trauma weren't enough to deal with, he was then faced with a full-fledged Courtney Love mid-stream attack.

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Karnaby explains that he slammed the door shut and turned around but says, "She stormed out screaming, 'I am going to get you thrown out!' She jumped on me, went crazy and dragged me over to security by the arm and claimed that I'd attacked her. They were trying to calm her down, but she was out of control. She was like a possessed woman."

It's pretty embarrassing when someone walks in on you in the bathroom, but this is Courtney we're talking about. Who knew she had a modesty threshold? (Click through pictures at left for immodesty reference.)

Security reportedly advised him to "get away as fast as possible." And get away he did -- directly to a reporter's desk. Fair enough, though. One must do their civic duty in immediately reporting wild animal attacks to the proper authorities.

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Karnaby defends himself by saying, "I absolutely did not attack her -- I was trying to get away. Thankfully, she'd remembered to pull up her skirt ... I never wanted to see Courtney Love on the toilet ... It wasn't a pretty sight. I just wanted to get out of there." I'd be a bit more skeptical if it were, well, any other celebrity besides Courtney.

Several bystanders at the party have confirmed his story, while Love's rep has refused to comment. Come on, Love's rep. At this point, you should really have a "Courtney Love attacked a stranger with her pants down" auto-reply to your emails.