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It's back on! Dakota Johnson seems to be off the market again after she was spotted hand-in-hand with rocker Matthew Hitt.

The couple had previously dated for about six months in 2014, but reportedly split around the beginning of 2015 as her fame was skyrocketing thanks to her role in "Fifty Shades of Grey."

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Rumors of their rekindled romance started circulating recently after Dakota and Matthew were spotted walking her dog around New York. The duo kept their distance, but a reunion seemed very much in the works.

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Finally, on April 27, Dakota, rocking an adorable bob cut, and Matthew were spotted walking arm-in-arm, seeming every bit a couple as they walked to the set of her latest movie, "How To Be Single."

How ironic.

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According to previous reports, the couple originally split because Matthew, a model and the lead singer and guitarist for the American-Welsh indie rock band Drowners, didn't want to be a part of the craziness surrounding Dakota's role as Anastasia Steele. With the fervor of "Fifty Shades" now dying down, Matthew can now just go back to being crazy over Dakota.