Dave Franco isn't worried if audiences aren't able to disassociate him from the arrogant characters he so often portrays.

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"Oh man, I've stopped trying to analyze it, because it makes me upset," the actor, 26, tells GQ's April Style Bible of his "douchebag" roles. "Once I was complaining about it to someone, and they said, 'It's because you have an asshole face.' I was like, 'Um, thank you. Thank you very much.'"

Dave -- who stars alongside Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill in 21 Jump Street -- also gets uncomfortable thinking about his infamous Funny or Die sketch "Go F-ck Yourself."

"When people bring it up now, I get bashful, because it's like you've literally seen me have sex with myself," he says.

Like his older brother James Franco, 33, Dave has also dabbled in poetry.

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"My God, it was really pretentious sh-t," he tells GQ's April Style Bible. "I would write a poem out in the most simple terms, and then I would go through the thesaurus and find these elite replacements for them."

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