Rejoice! After the U.S. Supreme Court declared The Defense of Marriage Act "unconstitutional" and gave legally married same-sex couples the same federal rights as heterosexual couples on Wednesday, June 26, celebs quickly celebrated the landmark ruling via Twitter.

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Andy Cohen: "I never dreamed I would see this day. The whole world has changed for us all. I can't believe it!! #DOMA #Equality" 

Leonardo DiCaprio: "Historic day. Well done #SCOTUS."

Bridget Marquardt: "Yay! Great news to wake up to!! ‏@glaad Supreme Court strikes down #DOMA and returns marriage to California!"

Lena Dunham: "Don't wanna traffic in stereotypes but let's be real: I'm gonna love a gay wedding … No one be shocked if I get married and pregnant with a daughter today in a slightly premature fit of joy #americathebeautiful"

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Adam Lambert: "Down w DOMA! Something to be very proud of this upcoming July 4th. We are making beautiful progress for Equality! #proud"

Sarah Hyland: "Proud to be an American on a day like today. #DOMA found unconstitutional. Equality and love overrule