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Hip-hop star Drake was left aghast when he found out a fan had his name tattooed across her forehead, and he has criticized the man behind the needle for agreeing to the unusual request.

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Pictures of the woman, who has the word Drake inked on her face, hit the Internet earlier this month, and the star was asked about it during an interview with Power 106 radio host Mando Fresko.

Drake admitted he was shocked by the picture and wants to meet the young lady to find out why she went to such dramatic lengths to declare her support.

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He says, "I want to meet her and understand why and what happened. That's cool though; I feel you 100 percent. To me that is absolutely incredible."

However, Drake is not happy with the tattoo artist who agreed to ink the large image on the woman's face.

He adds, "The guy who tatted it is a f------ a------ though, I will tell you that. I don't f--- with that guy! F--- you to that tattoo artist, by the way, because you're an a------, for real. And you should lose your job, and you should never do tattoos again."

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