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For the first time since getting married and giving birth, Drew Barrymore opened up about becoming a mother to her baby, Olive, and was, predictably, super bubbly and endlessly excited.

"I had a big year," the actress exclaimed on "Ellen," after the host welcomed her to the hot seat. Of motherhood, Barrymore cooed, "She's 10 weeks today. I know! I can't even handle it, it hurts," adding, "She is a good baby. I count my lucky stars every day. It's amazing, I never take it for granted."

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Though Barrymore has found one part of motherhood that's incredibly awful: leaving Olive at home! "It's awful, I didn't like leaving today at all. There's nothing greater in the world [than motherhood]. I exercise my right every day to make her laugh and smile. She's a really happy baby."

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Barrymore also revealed how she and her husband, Will Kopelman, landed on the name Olive. "I never would have guessed that would have been the name, but I was reading a book with my husband, I was three months pregnant and [it] said 'Your baby is the size of an olive.' We were work shopping a few other names, but once the light was shed, there was no turning back."


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