Doug Meszler / Splash News 1 / 4
Doug Meszler / Splash News 1 / 4

Jennifer Garner has confessed she was drunk during a recent appearance on TV lifestyle queen Martha Stewart's show - because she was too busy preparing for the program and drinking champagne to eat.

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The actress found herself getting tipsy as she continued to sip bubbly on an empty stomach.

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She says, "By the time we get to cooking and having our champagne, I hadn't had anything to eat ... and I got drunk.

"They needed it (champagne drinking) for continuity and it tasted good ... and whenever I'm around her (Stewart) I suddenly get really West Virginian and southern ... and so I got drunk and southern, and it was the worst combination.

"I can't bear to watch it because I just started talking faster and faster."

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