What did Puck do on his summer vacation? He had retroactive pregnancy sympathy weight gain!Now that the "Glee" cast is back shooting, they've been tweeting more often, showing off their silly side. Mark Salling, who plays Puck, tweeted on Tuesday (Aug. 25): "Boy that craft service really adds up."This was followed with a link to the image below.What we're wondering is, was he playing around digitally with his photo or is he in costume for a "Glee" fantasy sequence? We can't tell where he is from the background.Anyhow, we got a good laugh. If you miss the real Salling, you can always watch his Teen Vogue behind-the-scene video again.Salling (whatever size he's in) and "Glee" returns to FOX on Sept. 21. Follow Zap2it and Zap2itHanh on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest movies, TV and celeb news.Photo credit: Mark Salling/YFrog

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