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You know how it is. You're at a club. A handsome, ginger-topped gentleman with a British accent starts sweet-talking you. Next thing you know, the tabloids are hunting you down and asking if you knocked boots with the heir to the British throne.

Hey, we've all been there, right?

A San Diego cocktail waitress named Jessica Donaldson has opened up to the British tabloids after she was recently photographed at a local hot spot enjoying the attentions of Prince Harry, who has been in the area for military training on Apache helicopters.

"Harry is a real-life Prince Charming," blabs the brunette (via the Sunday Mirror and Daily Mail). "He is so sweet. In fact, he was kind of goofy with me. I really like him, but I am speaking out now because I want people to know the truth."

And that truth, according to the drink-slinger?

"I am not sleeping with Prince Harry, and he has never been anything other than a total gentleman to me," declares Jessica, who sports a foot-long floral tattoo on her ribcage and says her job is to "bring in rich guys who want to meet hot girls" and sell them (ridiculously overpriced) bottles of liquor. "I am very upset that all this has blown up. He is just a regular guy who enjoys a few beers with his buddies."

But the London Sun alleges that Donaldson spent the night with the 27-year-old spare heir in his suite at the Marriott a few days after meeting him during her cocktailing shift on Oct. 7.

She apparently received an invitation to join Harry and some pals the next morning for brunch (the prince had scrambled eggs, in case you were wondering), which was later followed by a text to hang with him at a local bar, where the up-close-and-personal pics were snapped.

But Donaldson insists nothing happened between them other than her feeling flattered that Harry "showed me attention." That's her story, and her live-in boyfriend of three years is sticking by it.

"When I first saw the pictures, I talked to her, and she assured me nothing went on," he tells the Mirror. "She told me they didn't kiss, and I believe her. She said he leaned in to talk to her and it was just the angle of the camera that made it look like a kiss."

Still, the paper claims Donaldson began "to visibly shake" and "glance anxiously" at her boyfriend when asked about reports that she was seen in the vicinity of Harry's hotel room.

"No, no, that wasn't me," she says. "It must have been another girl. I am sure Harry has lots of girls."

Reiterates Donaldson, "Nothing happened between me and Harry. It's important people know the truth."


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