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It's not just fame-craving starlets who enjoy the attention a sheer shirt can bring. Brad Pitt put his pecs on display as he made his way through Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday. The lanky-haired, goateed A-lister was on his way to Paris, with his ultimate destination presumably the French chateau that he and Angelina Jolie have used as the family's home base in recent years.

Alas, Pitt can't fly away from the rumors, from whether he and Angie are planning to add to their brood of six to the possible place and time of their planned nuptials.

Brad's arrival in France naturally reignited persistent talk that the couple's endlessly anticipated knot-tying would take place on their remodeled Miraval estate.

"The rumor around town is that Brad and Angelina will finally have their wedding," a source tells X17. "Local shops have been contacted for some supplies, and they finally finished construction on their property. It looks like it could really happen this time."

Considering just how many times the mega-stars have been prematurely married off, we'll proceed with caution on the speculation, along with another (less believable) rumor making the rounds. This one comes courtesy of the London Sun, which claims the Jolie-Pitts are considering pledging their eternal troth on a boat off the coast of Scotland.

"It was [oldest son] Maddox who came up with the idea of the ship," alleges a source. "The kids are all hooked on old British voyages, so they would love it. The fact that Maddox found it makes it more special."

We'll spare you the rest of details, which read more like an ad for the 49-passenger Hebridean Princess (the former car ferry-turned-luxury cruiser has twice been chartered by Queen Elizabeth II), but suffice it to say that odds seem low on them exchanging vows at sea.

Meanwhile, OK! magazine's latest cover touts "Angie and Brad's pregnancy shocker: twins again! The baby miracle they never expected." Also on the cover: a picture of an ultrasound featuring a double bundle of joy.

Except the story doesn't actually claim that the Oscar-winning do-gooder is pregnant, just that she "wants to become pregnant again -- with twins! — before her ability to bear a child comes to an end" due to her decision to remove her ovaries in the near future.

A source scoffs to Gossip Cop that the cover story from the tabloid-slash-birdcage flooring is "meaningless" and a "waste of space."


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