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Like a bad penny that keeps turning up on the sticky floor of a seedy club, Rachel Uchitel has once again reared her rubbery lips. TMZ says she's suing mad at go-to mistress-scorned attorney Gloria Allred for advising her to give back the bulk of the $10 million payment she reportedly received from Tiger Woods to keep her piehole plugged about their rumored relationship.

Word is, Tiger's attorney, Jay Lavely, felt Rachel violated her confidentiality agreement by purportedly communicating with TMZ and by appearing on "Celebrity Rehab" for treatment of her so-called "addiction to love."

Uchitel felt she'd done nothing wrong (she never talked about Tiger specifically), but Allred supposedly persuaded her to pony up the cash by telling her she'd lose a court battle. The kicker, according to insiders: Gloria negotiated a deal that would allow her to retain her attorney's fees.

Uchitel now wants Allred to fork over all the cash she forfeited or she'll file a malpractice suit.

The attorney, however, insists no double-dealing took place.

"We are confident that we have always acted appropriately and in [Uchitel's] best interests," Gloria tells TMZ. "I was not involved in any way in the allegations set forth in the TMZ story ... I have not had a conversation with or communicated with Jay Lavely about any client in more than a year. I am reserving all of my legal rights and remedies against anyone who defames me."

Meanwhile, Rachel has also landed in the middle of the bubbling romance between Tiger's ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, and moneybags businessman Jamie Dingman.

Seems Rachel got there first (and by "there," we mean -- oh, never mind), with TMZ claiming Rachel dated Dingman around the same time she was seeing Woods. Uchitel was also supposedly shacking up with the billionaire scion when the Tiger scandal exploded.

Now join us, won't you, as we all take a nice, refreshing bleach bath to try to get rid of this icky, icky feeling ...

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