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Would you buy a home previously occupied by 14 little kids and one overwhelmed, cash-poor mom? Bargain hunters were left disappointed on Monday when plans to auction off the Orange County home of Nadya "Octomom" Suleman were postponed for two weeks at the request of the foreclosure company, reports the OC Register.

The home is now set to go on the auction block on May 21.

Among those gathered at the Santa Ana courthouse to witness the sale was Amer Haddadin, who, in a complicated deal, owns the La Habra house but handed over the deed to Suleman and her father, Ed Doud, in 2009 with the understanding that she'd make the payments. She didn't, and now the foreclosure is apparently on him.

"She screwed up my credit," he complained to the paper. "I helped them as much as I could. I feel sorry for the kids, but Nadya doesn't deserve [the house]."

Octomom's credit isn't faring much better these days: She recently filed for bankruptcy, citing debts in the $1 million range. She owes an estimated $450,000 on the four-bedroom, three-bath home.

This is the second time Suleman has been granted a reprieve from certain eviction. She has said she plans to put some of the cash from her newly launched porn career toward a new place for her kiddie swarm to live, preferably in a gated community.

"The only dream I have is to buy a safe home for my family," Octomom told TMZ.


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