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Scarlett Johansson has apparently had enough of Hollywood types, at least for the moment. Over the weekend in New York, the former Mrs. Ryan Reynolds turned brief footsy partner of Sean Penn was photographed smiling as she cuddled and held hands with a tall, dark-haired fella identified as a Manhattan-based advertising executive named Nate.

"They've been dating for five months," a source tells People mag, with another adding to Radar Online, "They're keeping it very, very low-key. He's not one for the limelight and fame, and she likes that about him."

Anything else?

"Nate is an avid art collector and has a lot of famous friends in the New York art world. He and Scarlett have had dinner with the fashion photographer Terry Richardson a few times," continues the Radar snitch. "Nate's not impressed by Scarlett's celebrity at all, and she loves that. It's just about two people who like each other. They wanted to take things slow, but now they see each other four or five times a week!"

No word on how the actress, 27, met the refreshingly normal-looking exec (rumored last name: Naylor), but the insider enthuses, "They have a real connection."

In the wake of Scarlett's split from Penn last June, she was linked to a laundry list of bachelors, including Justin Timberlake (denied), Bradley Cooper (denied), Kieran Culkin (denied), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (denied -- seeing a pattern here?) and Justin Bartha (yep, denied).

Johansson parted ways with Reynolds in late 2010 after two years of hush-hush, camera-shy marriage. Their divorce was finalized in July, and the actor has since moved on with Blake Lively, whom he's been photographed with more in the last four months than he was during his entire marriage to ScarJo.


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